Five weeks. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for five weeks.

Saturday all the students of the three disciplines that are studied at the dōjō met and and did a demonstration for James Rodriguez, our Kancho, and a small crowd of friends and family of the dōjō.

It was an honor to get to meet and speak with Rodriguez Sensei briefly after the demo. He was obviously interested in making sure he got around to meet the new faces at the dōjō since his last visit, and came over and spoke with me for a few minutes. When he asked how long I had been studying and I told him, he replied, “you did quite well for someone who’s only been studying for a month!” Whether it was just politeness, or whether I actually did do well, it was very kind of Sensei to mention.

I tremendously enjoyed watching my son’s karate-do class do their katas. Thankfully, my technique was the first of the Aikijutsu techniques demoed, so we had plenty of time for the crowd to be wooed afterwards by the senior aiki students and then by the sword students. It was a wonderful morning.


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