The 30th anniversary of the dōjō is coming up soon, and a demonstration is scheduled for the sensei who founded the school, who will be in town for the event. All three of the ways taught at the dōjō will have a part in the demonstration: the karate-do students first, then the Aikijutsu students, then the kenjutsu students.

I was originally counting on my substantial lack of experience to get me out of having to actually demonstrate anything; however, this is not to be so. I will, apparently, be demonstrating one of our first techniques. I’m not nervous in front of a small crowd, but I am still quite clunky with this technique, and hope that I’ll have time to polish it up a bit before next week’s demo.

In my last post, I lamented the pain of seiza for a fat white boy. In addition to simply being able to sit in seiza, there is apparently a right way and a wrong way (or hundreds of wrong ways) to get into and out of a seiza position. While practicing getting gracefully in and out of seiza with my fellow students, I managed to lose my balance, fall backwards into a rack of thankfully-wooden swords (bokken), then knock a bunch of stuff off a little wooden table behind me. Graceful.

Sensei later said to the class, “no one expects you all to be perfect getting in and out of seiza, but try not to break things.”

I’ll do my best.

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